The technological revolution has increased the necessity of the internal storage system. You don’t have any smartphone? What you are saying? You can hear this phrase very often today. Due to increased use of smartphones and tablets, the importance of cloud storage system is also increasing day by day. This online storage system has huge potential, and many cloud storage services are providing free storage to attract new customers.


Now, don’t worry about the storage of videos, music, movies, photos and files. Cloud is here to provide you with free storage service and you can access it from anywhere through internet. So, now your headache is gone! Your data is safe with cloud storage providers and now you don’t have to worry about the risk of a crashed or stolen hard disk.

We are giving you information about the top 10 free Cloud Storage Services-

  1. Dropbox-Dropbox is the best free cloud storage service in the world. Simplicity and availability from every platform have increased the demand of this one. The specialty of this free cloud storage service is that 2 GB of free cloud storage service is provided to every user and additional 16 GB of free storage can be available if reference is made to other persons.
  2. Google Drive-Giant search engine Google provides you this free cloud storage service with 15 GB free storage and it is shared among various services like Gmail, Google Plus etc. along with Google Drive.
  3. Box-Box is the most popular among business and enterprise users. This can provide you 10 GB of free storage for personal use. However, the major drawback is that you cannot store movies or large files here.
  4. Mega-Mega is from popular file hosting service This one provides 50 GB of free cloud storage to its clients.
  5. Copy-Barracuda Networks, the computer data storage company, providing 15 GB of free cloud storage to every user. By referring this service to your friends you can get an extra of 5 GB free storage.

However, besides the above, there are others who can provide you this free cloud storage service. These are-

  • ADrive
  • Bitcasa
  • OneDrive
  • SpiderOak
  • Tencent Weiyun

These are the most popular cloud storage services. So, don’t worry about your internal storage of data. The solution is in your hand now.

All these technologies work very well with the Windows 10 Operating System. In case user feels that he or she is facing the issue, simply dial Windows 10 Technical Support Toll Free Number. The technicians are always available to help the user. The technicians are certified by Microsoft and are experienced in offering Technical Support. Technicians can be contacted at any time of the day as they provide 24*7 facility.


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