10 Best Free Antivirus Apps for Android


Android devices have become an integral part of our life. With the new advancements they are getting smarter day-by-day. Regularly improving technology has changed the way people interact with their gadgets like computers, laptops, smartphone, tablets, etc. Although with every new version they are becoming...

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Keep Your PC Healthy: Preventive Tips

PC Health

Medical research has taken a big leap towards keeping our body fit. Take an apple a day and your doctor will be away from you. But computers are not so easy to handle. It is a bit complicated task to keep our PC healthy. However,...

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Business Mantra for Data Security is Encryption

Data Encripton

Do you know you are unsafe mainly because your data is not encrypted and Cyber thieves are looking for such easily access. This could be your data, the files, the storage or even the servers. The very first thing to do is to develop a...

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Reason Why Any Computer Hang in This World


Hanging of computer is a common problem which all of us face! Most of the times we lose our patience and tend to get angry and irritable, if we are unable to perform the work, which is interrupted due to  the malfunctioning of the computer....

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Basics for The Learners: How Data Recovery Works


Data loss is a major concern in today’s era of digital world. All our information (personal as well as professional) is being stored in our computers, laptops, PC. Cloud storage is also gaining popularity. It is vital to know about the data recovery process if...

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Learn How to Use Internet While Working in a Firm

Online business

Surprsied! Yes, There are rules with which you should operate on Internet. Never thought of this side of Internet. Alos, when you are working in an organisation you should abide by these rules to avoid any unpleasant situation, which might affect your reputation. Come lets...

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Find out why Skype is not working ?


Hey! My Skype is not working. I am facing a lot of trouble these days. Give me a solution. These are the most common conversations as of today. Every now and then there will be a snag. It is not only the Skype users’ problem,...

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Common Reasons for Hardware Problems

Hardware Issues

Every computer users have to face the same problem these days. Despite of the fact that you have your computer protection, but full protection can never be guaranteed, in the world of Internet. However, there may be several reasons for the hardware problems. These can...

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