What is a Blu-ray disc?

A Blu-ray disc is a storage disc just like a DVD but unlike the DVD it was invented to supersede the DVDs. The Blu-ray disc gets its name from the blue laser (violet, to be specific) that is used to read the disc and not only that, but it also allows storing the video at a much higher density than possible earlier. Backing this fact up is the fact that the Blu-ray disc can store a video of a resolution of 1080pixels and about 60 frames per second, which is much higher than what the DVDs in the past had to offer.


What do you mean by disc burning?

In layman’s language, burning of the disc means the process of saving the files on to Blu-ray disc, CDs and DVDs. There are two kinds of disc burning sessions: single or closed session, this means that you cannot save any more files on the disc once you are done with the current session of burning. Even if you have free space left on the disc. Whereas the multiple or open session burning of the disc would mean that you have saved more files even after you are done with the current session of disc burning. It gives you flexibility in your operations.

Piracy laws for the copying of the Blu-ray discs

Piracy in the simplest terms would mean unauthorized (i.e. Without the permission of the rightful owner) use of the files covered under the copyright act of the various countries. Copying, distributing and selling of the above mentioned files would classify as use of such files. But as long as you are just viewing the files, you are good to go.

Now it is important to understand that what kind of files when copied would classify as the piracy and what not. This can be explained with the help of a simple example.

Suppose you have recorded one of your personal gatherings and you have been asked by the people present there to make copies of the video recording and give them the same and you decide to burn the video files on the Blu-ray disc, in such a case this copying or burning of files on the B-ray discs would not classify as piracy because in all the senses, you are the rightful owner of the said file. You are the one who recorded it, it was your own personal gathering and not of some other third party. Hence this would not classify as piracy.

But on the other hand, if you come across a video that has been recorded by somebody else and was about somebody else and the video had nothing to do with you, but you still decide to copy that video file to the Blu-ray disc and have planned to circulate them, that too without having authorized permission from the actual owners, then this would be classified as piracy in its very literal sense as it would be classified as unauthorized use of the video. And such a use might get you in trouble as the creator could add DRM i.e. Digital Rights Management, to protect the video against any kind of piracy.

Software for burning Blu-ray discs

Now that we are clear on the front that what kind of videos you can legally copy and which videos you cannot; now the next step is to decide on the software to be used. Based on the price and the flexibility of the operations of the software, the various software available in the market is Leawo Blu-ray copy, Blue-Cloner, Nero, alcohol 120%. These are few of the Blu-ray copying software available that you could choose from based upon your need. But before copying any of the files on the Blu-ray disc or copying anything off a Blu-ray disc, be assured that you are not violating any kind of piracy law.


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