A magnifying glass is a very essential tool if you want o spot on missing things that are small in size or to read the small font text. It is great to have a magnifying glass around because you never know when you may need to read tiny print on a document, microscopic writing on a computer, minuscule instructions in a cookbook, and equally inconvenient text written anywhere else. You may need a magnifying glass anytime, but generally, you may not find it just lying around because it is not a common thing that you use frequently.


You will hardly see a magnifying glass in one’s hand because of its rare usage. However, you never know when you may need it.  Probably you all do have a smartphone within arm’s reach because it is mre useful device. But do you know that you can turn your smartphone into a magnifying glass just with the help of a right app. The user of both platforms’ Android and iOS advanced versions do have apps that can turn your phone into a magnifying glass.

Magnificent Magnifier HD for Android users and Magnifying Glass with Light for Apple gadgets are the two recommended apps.


This magnifying app uses smartphone’s camera for enlarging any focal point. It can also help you if it is getting difficult for you reading in poorly lit area by firing up your phone camera’s light. Using this app, you do not need to squint at menus or hold labels at arm’s length. With the help of this app, you can see things clearly in dim light and read fine print without wearing your glasses.


Magnifying Glass with Light is a very popular app although it has not been updated for over a year. With this app, you can magnify items up to 5.0 times and it also supports a front camera. It has many features like Light Level Control, Auto-Focus lock, Image Capture, and pinch to zoom.

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