For the security of its devices, Apple has patent TouchID Fingerprint Reader that can read the finger prints of thieves. The company deposed a patent (USPTO link) that explains how the company’s devices will use the fingerprint information of thieve to catch them when they will try to open the lock of the device. This patent is known as “Biometric capture” and it is for unauthorized user identification. This technology is included to identify an unrecognized user’s biometric information (fingerprint) and it could be stored locally, or on the cloud for the further use in case of identification verification.


There are a huge number of iPhone users in the world and they are targeted by the thieves worldwide. So Apple has deemed to patent the idea. However, Apple is not in hurry to implement the system, but in near future you get the same technology in the iPhone. It will be a drastic change once it is implemented because it will change the way how biometric information is handled. Because of the existing policies, most of the device manufacturers avoid transmitting biometric information. They keep the information encrypted in a secure area of the hardware.

They do so because it is safe to keep that information in hardware area, if this information is transmitted, there is a risk of information interception and decryption, because of enough time and computing power. If transmission is not involved then physical access to the phone would be required and physical access restricts the chance of mass leaks of millions of records at once. But if the biometric data (either fingerprint or fingerprint digital signature) transmitted, it may be cross-referenced with government databases or a database of known users. The transmitted information can be easily record and send other information pertinent to theft, like the GPS location (or recent route), swipes, the keystrokes or even photos captured from the front camera.

If transmitted information will be cross-referenced with a database of known users or government databases, thieves will face huge problems and they need to adopt more precautionary measures. This technology will target the careless thieves and more organized thieves may have escape themselves. However, thieves have proven very resourceful and some just remain ready to do dig tunnels to steal iPhones. Transmitting information about thieves is not a new concept and in the past, you may have heard about stolen iPhones sending data to the cloud, like this thief was unknowingly documenting his life on Tumblr or that thief streamed his photos from a stolen iPhone.

Phone theft is rampant so, this is an idea that is worth discussing. In the past also, equipment manufacturers have been accused of not bringing the enough changes and precautions to stop illegal sales of stolen property. But with the advancement in technology, they have focused on it and Activation Lock is such a change to deter theft.

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